Fournisseurs de haute qualité Machine de fabrication de pansement de plaie pu, Plaie s’habiller Maker en Chine

Medical Vein Detained Needle Poster Making Machine

Informations de base

Modèle: HSY-200

Description du produit

FEATURES: This machine is controlled by 10units servo motor,combine rotary die cutting,lamination,inkjet,final die cutting with watste-off on the one machine,runs precise,smooth with high speed,it patch,medical intubatton patch,injection patch,surgery wound dressing adn other adhesive products.
Model HSY-200
Die cutting speed 5-30m/min
Max web width 190-380mm
Max die cutting width 230mm
Max unwind diameter 220mm
Max rewind diameter Φ500mm
Overall dimension 2900*1050*1500mm
Power supply voltage 220v±0.1
Weight (about)1000kg

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